Friday, March 31, 2017

Here's one for you:

My friend and painting buddy Larry was over today and he starting saying something to me before I was in earshot. So I started haranguing him, good-naturedly of course:

"Hey! I'm 75 and hard-of-hearing!", I told him.

"That's okay, I'm 67 and hard-of-talking", he retorted.

It's tough to get one past the guy.


Magyar said...

Seventy Five, huh; my parallel, this a very recent scribble into my notes.

__ At the age of fifteen, of the many things I didn't know, was how little I'd know... when I became seventy five. Good to see you again Warren. _m

Warren said...

Yep - too bad we weren't a little smarter back then - like investing in Microsoft when it first started up, or like . . . well, sooooo many things. That's life, huh.

Thanks Mag

Adelaide said...

I'm 80 and tired of talking.

Funny story.


Warren said...

Not hard to get tired of talking, is it? Easier to type your thoughts. Thanks, Adelaide.