Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter Haiku

heavy snowfall trudging through memories

(One of my rare one-liners)


deepening snow
the burst of color
in a lark's song


snowbound . . .
the neighbor's black cat
forges fresh tracks


snow upon snow –
my dead parents,
and now my brother


my life
in this small box
fading photographs


Adelaide said...

Our lives in small boxes of photos, or stored as digital pics in the computer. We save them and older family photos. Who will save them after I'm gone? I won't lose sleep thinking about this.

just passing through
a face in a photo
soon to fade


By the way, your paintings are beautiful.

Warren said...

And in a lot of those old photos, the people have passed from importance and their names are now forgotten. Thanks for your comments, Adelaide.


Magyar said...

__ I thought you had discontinued your blog activity some time ago, I see you've recently returned. Good wishes.

Warren said...

Hi Magyar - I got lazy there for a time, and spent a lot of time helping my wife struggle through a fall that fractured her pelvis. Thanks for your comments!

Bill said...

A wonderful group, Warren.

Warren said...

Thanks, Bill - I always like a compliment from someone I consider a master.