Tuesday, February 25, 2014

northbound geese

northbound geese
I negotiate the turn
into my driveway


Frank... said...

Nice one, Warren...

Magyar said...

Drive carefully!

Canadas migrate
this flock abruptly turns
no signal light

Smiles Warren, Spring is on its way!

Bill said...

Nicely turned.

Warren said...

Thanks Frank - Been a long time since I tried a haiku - not my best effort but a start.

Hi Mag - Yes! Spring is on its way - I feel it here since it's been hovering around 55-60 degrees for weeks (off and on). I feel more artsy and am starting a painting. Thanks for comments.

Hi Bill - Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your comment - you are always appreciated.


Gina said...

yes a brilliant turn ... seasonal and physical. Birds and cars. sky and road. people even.

its as if you too were northbound and changed direction ... love the idea of the emotional psyche that might be a part of the whole ...

i guess that would be just me - feeling that turn.

Nice to be reading you again Warren >>> Gina

Adelaide said...

Still very much winter here; no returning geese yet.

winter's slow turn
again the front steps
iced over