Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fleck of a Bird

It's proving to be another cold, harsh winter.
At least the old man can say he lived to another winter,
but that seems to be all. There's nothing but grey
everywhere - sky, distant treeline, snow-crusted earth.
All one unending dismal tone. The black fleck of a bird
breaks the monotony, but it's flying away from him and
in its grasp is the old man's tenuous thread to hope.

This is a rewrite of a verse I wrote last winter



Magyar said...

__Wow... so good to see a your post from you Warren! Keep warm; another log on the fire.

this cold spider
crawls up and down my spine
another log


Warren said...

Hi Mag - Yes, it's been too long a time away from the poetry. Just haven't had any inspiration. Thanks for commenting and sharing your terrific haiku!


Adelaide said...

Welcome back, Warren. I've missed your posts. Yes, it's been and still is a hard winter up here...frigid cold and lots of snow. Some days we are in the house 3 days running and I am eating myself fat because this is what I do when I'm restless. I need that outside break in my day to renew my energy and inspire me. I've written so many poems about snow and cold I am repeatin myself.

all the best,

Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Yep, I know all about that tendency to eat when there's nothing else to do. You've been inspired to write and I have just been stagnating. Thanks for checking my site out - I guess I had better get with things.


Frank... said...

Good to see you posting again, Warren. I enjoyed your verse a lot. Stay warm...

Warren said...

Hey Frank - It's warming up around here - was 50 degrees today and going to be in the mid to high 40s all week. Raining off and on - what snow we had is melting away.

Thanks for stopping by!