Thursday, April 11, 2013

Published in Haigaonline
vol 12 issue 7, Dec. 2011


Bill said...

Beautiful work, Warren.

Warren said...

Thanks Bill - I enjoyed creating this one from a photo I took of birds in the nearly-dead tree across the way.


Adelaide said...

another good one, Warren


Magyar said...

Love the bird forms!

... and the senryu, nice! _m

Warren said...

Thank you Adelaide - Coming from a real haiga artist I appreciate your thoughts very much. I enjoyed manipulating a daytime photo with a couple of birds into this one.

Hey Doug - Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments - you're a pal.


Frank... said...

A very poignant haiga, Warren. Beautifully put together,..

Warren said...

Hi Frank - It was an image I enjoyed manipulating for haiga purposes. Thanks very much for stopping by and for your comments.