Friday, April 5, 2013

Published in Haigaonline
vol 12 issue 7, Dec. 2011


Bill said...

This really captures the moment. Great picture, great jux of image and verse.

Warren said...

Thanks Bill - I think if I have a few favorites in my haiga, this is one of them. I appreciate your affirmation. Thanks.


polona said...

this, in my opinion, is what haiga is all about. the image in itself is stunning and the words just add to the mood. thank you for sharing

Warren said...

That's a fine compliment coming from a very wonderful haiku artist - I am in the process of reading all your poems and I am amazed at how good you are. Thanks Polona.


Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

I left a post a few days ago, but apparently it didn't register. The painting and haiku are lovely; one compliments the other.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - I got it this time - I've a couple of email addresses going and perhaps I miss some messages. Won't be surprised. Thanks for stopping by and your comments.