Saturday, April 27, 2013

losing dreams

sleepless again
no matter how I lie
I still lose dreams


polona said...

i can feel this one although i'm rarely affected by insomnia, and it also brings to mind a famous soliloquy :-)

Warren said...

Hi Polona - I too usually sleep well, but on those nights when I don't my mind is running over a myriad of subjects. But it's not like counting sheep, the sleep - and dreams - don't come.

Thanks - Warren

Bill said...

I know what you mean, but you want to say "lie." "lay" is either the past tense of "lie" or a transitive verb, as in 'Lay your burden down."

Warren said...

Hi Bill - I am constantly getting the two words wrong, Don't know if I can ever change - also, "who" or "whom", "whoever" or "whomever". Maybe some day.

Thanks - Warren