Saturday, April 13, 2013

gritty wait - haiku

styrofoam coffee
gritty wait for my wife's
medical exam


Bill said...

the doctor wants
to take a closer look
coffee gone cold

Everything turned out fine.

good news
from the doctor
autumn butterfly

Warren said...

Everything's fine, on and off the forum - the tests were negative. I love your haiku - you so good! My mentor. Thanks, Bill.


Magyar said...

Did-ja know?
__According to a recent TV "medical up-date" if you drink too much coffee from a foam cup... you can get cancer of your ear lobes!


__I'm so glad all is well; your senryu, is a nifty fit! _m

Warren said...

Nah - ain't heard that one - I'll lay off the styrofoam. Thanks for your remarks, my friend.


polona said...

this captures the tension and the suspense so well... glad it turned out ok.

Warren said...

Thanks Polona - I've mentioned it before and I'll do it again - your poems are wonderfully insightful.