Sunday, March 24, 2013

crow feather

a crow feather
carried on the wind –
her final goodbye

First published in
A Hundred Gourds 1:1 Dec. 2011


Bill said...

There's something about crow feathers.

Magyar said...

__Are not we all, as that feather, subject to that wind?
__Nice Warren! _m

Warren said...

Hi Bill - Yes, crow feathers abound around here - dozens of crows live in huge pineys by the side of the house. I have a feather sticking out above my head in the bookcase - love the iridescence on the feathers. A flash of blue.

Hello Mag - The vagaries of life in general - one never knows what the future holds, huh? Thanks very much for your read and post, m' friend.


LadyArt said...

...nice haiku...

a final good-bye? certainly for you, as you turn away, but the crow will be back, I am sure....

I like the text