Wednesday, February 20, 2013

snow - crow

Today we received another six inches of snow - and just about the time I was thinking spring could not be THAT far around the corner (sure, another few months, but . . .). So, instead of getting back out into my unheated studio, I'm confined to the big picture window that looks out upon the studio - and all the new snow (I am still in a wheelchair except when the snow's gone and I can use my power scooter). It's quiet, at least that much is good, except for the cawing of crows, which is also good:

another layer
of snow
cawing of a crow

I realize there's some rhyming - snow and crow - but I kind of like that, as well as the high contrast between the white of the snow and the black of the crow, and the silence of snow and the raucous cawing. Does it work?

Thanks - Warren


Deb Kirkeeide said...

I think it works wonderfully.
I suppose that snow of yours is what is headed my way.

Warren said...

Thanks for your affirmation, Deb - and you can have all this white stuff - I'm tired of it.

With regards,


Gillena Cox said...

works great and so too the 'c' alliteration; warms wishes my friend

much love...

Warren said...

Hi Gillena, m' dear - Thanks for stopping by, and for noting the alliteration of "c's". I didn't see that one.

Thanks again, Warren

Adelaide said...

I think it works. We are expecting a "wintry mix," which means snow and rain and who knows what else.

Stay warm.