Wednesday, February 13, 2013

sad turn

road to our old house
the sad turn from love
to memories

(Remake of an earlier haiku, and hopefully an improvement)


she remains silent,
as do I —
outside, the wind



Adelaide said...

Warren...the pain of these memories is very vivid in these haiku. I suppose some painful memories are sharper than the joyful ones.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - I am going to have to think on that - I guess the older I get the more I forget the bad memories and dwell on the good. But I do tend to go back to the bad memories for haiku material.



Warren said...

P.S. - Adelaide - I removed the haiku at the end of this one - didn't feel it was ripe yet.

Bill said...

Well, these two are ripe with the wisdom that comes from experience


Warren said...

Hi Bill - Thankfully these experiences are from the past. Well, once in awhile the second one may be true, but not often.



Frank... said...

Two very poignant poems, Warren...

Warren said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Frank - hope you're doing well. Your friend -