Tuesday, January 29, 2013

rhubarb jam

last jar
of rhubarb jam –
the snow recedes


another year older wind from the north



Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

for me, it's the last of the frozen pesto I made last summer. Snow is still on the ground and there's too much winter left to think it is the last.

Glad to see you posting again.
all the best,


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - I guess I'm encouraged, or my muse is encouraged, by the fact the temps are warming into the 40s, the snow is melting, and I can feel - even now as January fades - that spring is not terribly far off. Then the rhubarb grows and we can get four cuttings for more jam. Also got peaches, plums and cherries that we can can when they are in season. Thanks for responding!


Bill said...

In my personal saijiki spring begins on Valentine's Day. True, the weather in the northeast can still be unsettled and might turn wintry at any time. But we always knew spring is a tease. Or, as I put it in a ku years ago:

February wind
I want to believe
the crocus

I still regard this as my signature haiku.

Warren said...

HI Bill - I can see why you consider the crocus haiku as your signature - it's terrific. The temps are supposed to be about 45 degrees today - all the snow around our home has melted, and the dogs are staying out longer. I'm getting antsy to clean my studio, which is going to be a major chore, but one I look forward to. Thanks for your comments!