Sunday, August 19, 2012


There's much to be learned from an old dog.
Perseverance for one,
when painful knees and legs
no longer work as they once did,
and he must climb the four steps to our deck
to get back to his bed beside my chair.
It takes him numerous attempts,
fitful starts at the first step,
first one leg and then another, testing the pain
and his resolve. He even lets go a few soft moans,
protestations against growing old.
He's 14 years old, about 80 in human terms.
Older than me. A few sprawling leaps and
he makes it up the steps for now.
I dread the day when he gives up trying.
He's become too much a part of me.



Gillena Cox said...

so sad you hear about your buddy's aging;
as a child in my parents house there were always a family dog; never had them as an adult

much love...

Bill said...

"testing the pain / and his resolve"

Dogs and people know each other almost too well

Warren said...

Hi Gillena - Yes, he's getting to the age where I start worrying about his passing. He's a sweet old dog, a small dog, Lhasa Apso, and his legs are getting weak and he's taking pills for pain. And his eyes are bad. But when he comes in from outside he jumps around, excited, like he did when a puppy. So I know he's like me, still a puppy at heart. Thanks for commenting.


Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

Beautifully written and sad.


Warren said...

Hi Bill - Isn't that the truth - and this particular dog, Jax - we have four - is the oldest. We've had him since he was weaned and I am extremely fond of him. He's almost like a child of ours, and he's full of personality. So sad to see him declining. Thanks.


Warren said...

Thanks Adelaide - I appreciate your comments!