Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Evening drone

quiet corner –
the indentation
in mom's old chair


early autumn . . .
falling leaves
replace butterflies


a dragonfly
bobs with the sprinkler –
evening drone



Adelaide said...

All three are very good. I especially like the 1st one. The quiet corner---for me it's quiet not only because no one sits there any more but it was always quiet which was why mom chose that corner. The indentation is a further indication that mom used it a lot as a place to retreat from the chores of the day.

good work, Warren.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Thanks for stopping by. Yes, and there's sadness about the indentation following mom's death. It's been several years ago and we no longer have the chair, but I remember that chair and associate it with her. I've had this 'ku on the back burner for some time.


Frank... said...

Three very nice haiku, Warren. I too like the first haiku...

Bill said...

I also like the first one, but the quiet acceptance of time and change in the second one also speaks to me.

Warren said...

Thanks Frank - I appreciate your opinion and it confirms my own, or at least confirms that I like this one best.


Hi Bill - I'm struggling a bit with the urgency I'm feeling as I get older (feeling I haven't accomplished enough, I suppose), and have to mentally quiet myself to write haiku - which is a very good exercize for me. Thanks!