Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Into the light

dark mood –
following a butterfly
into the light


mountain shade –
the coolness of her skin
against mine


lilacs in bloom –
their colors soaking up
the grey winter



Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

You have come back with three great haiku. All have a lightness.
Glad to have you posting again.

all the best,

Warren said...

Thanks, Adelaide - Just finished up some that were on the back burner.


Frank... said...

I agree with Adelaide, three very nice haiku, Warren. In particular I like the contrast of light & dark in the first haiku...

Deb Kirkeeide said...

These are lovely. They give me a wonderful sense of feeling and imagery.

I think this this form of writing would be a nice pairing with paintings. As an extension of the titles. Now if I could just tap into some writing skills!

Lorraine said...

Such beauty in your shadows, I adore the contrasts

Gillena Cox said...

here also they bloom; the lilacs; but its sunny and Rainy

much love...

Kristin Riggs said...

I love these! I love the visual images in the first and last...but the second is my favorite. Nothing like the feel of skin-on-skin and it's captured so beautifully here...and in a sweet and innocent way. I love it!

Warren said...

Good grief! I've really let my responses to your postings be neglected - my profound apologies. Just got busy with yard and garden stuff and fell behind.

Frank - Yep, I think that's my favorite, although I feel no. two more. Thanks for your thoughts, m' friend.


Hi Deb - It's my guess you would be very good at poetry, just as you are exceptional at painting. Have you tried it?


Lorraine - Thanks for picking up on my main focus of no. one - I love contrasts but wonder at times if I push things too far??


Gillena - Myf riend, I'm wishing it were more rainy here now - we're in a dry, semi arrid region and it's hot and dry. Parched! Thanks for stopping by.


Kristin - the coolness of skin on skin - very sensual, huh. We were camped beneath a mountain that gave us sun and warmth in the early chill of the mountain morning, and the welcome coolness of a mountain blocking the heat of the evening. Thanks for commenting.