Thursday, May 24, 2012

Forgive me

Forgive me for not having posted in awhile - seems I've hit a very deep creative hole. Not depressed; just in the "ho-hums". Bear with me - thanks.



Gillena Cox said...

if that's where you need to be right now, then be there; looking forward to your future transcendence

much love...

Adelaide said...

Hope you begin posting soon.

a dry day
after weeks of heavy rain-
a call from the woods


Rita Odeh said...

Your haiku is memorable and you are a talented person, Warren.
I like the unsaid in your haiku escpecially this one:

dark mood –
following a butterfly
into the light

Maybe I wouldn't use the word mood because the need for light is implied in the second image. The word mood restricts the reader's imagination. I may say: dark dawn.
This is just a suggestion:))
I enjoyed my visit,thanks:))

Warren said...

Thanks Gillena, Adelaide and Rita - My doctor is taking me off a blood pressure med that seems to have killed my creativity - it's my hope anyway that the medication is to blame - I was feeling very creative until he prescribed the med and I haven't felt creative since, so I'm hoping that's what it is. Thanks all three of you!


snowbird said...

I think these blank spaces are the most valuable since we're not chasing after thing imposed upon us... the daydreaming state... the time to just be. A time to refresh everything in us... the still waters.

Warren said...

Hi Snowbird - I will agree with you about the down days, the nothing days, in that when you come out of them you can be entirely renewed and feeling creative. That's where I'm at today - just gotta do something with the creativity.


snowbird said...

Hi, Warren, Let it come to you. Don't try to find it. I always go in the wrong direction when I try to find it. I stopped trying and now I can't keep up with what is before me. I made a decision not to do ANYTHING until it was something that would fit into my declining strength. And all of a sudden I'm losing one while a new way of going is opening up for me... I couldn't see it before because I was trying so hard to keep up with what I had always done. When it comes, you'll know. You may even find yourself doing it right now and not even recognize that it was a new way of creating.

in the garden the flowers
change with the season

Good luck. Merrill