Friday, March 30, 2012


early spring –
longing for the chirr
of those damn crickets



Bill said...

Funny and true

Adelaide said...

I sense that it is not warm enough for you yet. You must be a summer person. Spring came early here. For a week it felt more like June than March, but now that April is here, it feels like March.

April Fool's
a tentative step outside
to test the weather


Warren said...

Hi Bill - Yep, and about the only time I don't want the chirr of a cricket is when one is in our bedroom at night. Thnks for stopping by.


Hi Adelaide - Yes, mother nature has been playing tricks on us here - warm and wonderful one day and raining and cold the next. Oh well, such is spring. Thanks!


Gillena Cox said...

nicely set the stage of impatient waiting in Line One

much love...