Friday, February 24, 2012

Another sparrow haiku

winter morning –
slight warmth of sparrows
deep in the thicket



Frank... said...

The night brings gradual hush. Nice post, Warren...

Warren said...

Thanks, Frank - I appreciate you stopping by.


Bill said...

Can't have too many sparrow-ku. Good one, Warren.

Warren said...
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Warren said...

I agree with you, Bill - as long as we have sparrows to write about the world is in a fairly decent condition.


Adelaide said...

Watching the birds is always a pleasant passtime in winter.

Nice one.


Warren said...

Right you are, Adelaide - especially fun to see them set against a deep snow.

Thanks! Warren

Magyar said...

Good work, Warren; the birds.

__Guess who got the donut! Smile Warren!

herring gulls
discuss who owns the donut
a stray dog

Warren said...

Uh, the dog? Cute one, if you don't mind having a haiku called "cute". Humorous is probably a better word, huh? Thanks, pal.