Wednesday, January 11, 2012

lark's call

after a lark's call
silence amid
the deepening snow



Frank... said...

A super combo of images, Warren. I love it...

Bill said...

snow falling through
the silence

Not around here, though.

Good one, Warren.

Warren said...

Hi Frank - Thank you very much for your read and comments - your thoughts are always welcome here.


Gorgeous haiku of yours, Bill - and we're not getting any snow either. Weird winter - need lots of snow in the mountains. Thanks!


Tikkis said...

We got some snow, not enough here, but its all white and clean anyway!

Snowy world -
the crow seemingly needs
a warm shower?

Warren said...

That's one nice thing about a snowfall - for a time the world is white and clean. Nice haiku, Tikkis. Thanks for stopping by.