Friday, September 30, 2011


He feels the terrible urgency of aging,
a foreboding, a sense of something
left unaccomplished
which constantly
claws at his thoughts when he should be
enjoying what life he has left.
It's a cautioning
that the time allotted him to find
an answer, to seek fulfillment,
is escaping him.
What has he done with
his life to merit existence on this orb,
to warrant another sunrise,
another soft rainfall?
Such questions go without answer.



Susannah said...

Oooh Warren this is a strong piece that I think many of us can identify with.

I myself went through a phase like that a while back, I think it is a natural feeling that seems to arrive as we hit age markers.

Beautiful writing that speaks of something intrinsic to the human condition.

Warren said...

So right, Susannah - The worst I ever hit was when I turned 40 and thought life was over! Don't ask me why because I don't have the answer - but I'd love to hit 40 again.


Adelaide said...

I think every decade causes us to pause and ask these questions. In looking for the big things we often fail to notice the many, many little things we have accomplished. Often these little things are really big things to others.
Beautifully expressed, Warren.


Warren said...

Spoken with true insight, Adelaide - and how true it is that each milestone in our lives causes reflection, and often, some consternation.

Thanks, Warren