Friday, September 2, 2011

cottonwood fluff

cottonwood fluff
drifting to earth . . .
my gentle dream


summer sprinklers –
how quickly damselflies


father's photo –
nearly as diminished
as my memories



Adelaide said...

A great trio. Your 1st haiku...terrific. Cottonwood fluff is a marvelous description of dreams. Wish I had thought of it.

I especially relate to the 3rd one. Some of my old photo's have faded, photos of my grandparents and some of my father taken when he was a boy in Naples.


Gillena Cox said...

nice, all three
have a good day

much love...

Warren said...

Thank you, Adelaide - I'm very happy you connect with the cottonwood fluff haiku and it's gentleness. I truly appreciate your comments!


Thank you, Gillena - your reading and comments are appreciated!


Bill said...

Good work.

Warren said...

Thanks, Bill - Good to have you back.