Sunday, July 31, 2011

the eyes

There's something in the eyes of a dying dog
that speaks of awareness, something beyond
the pain, weakness, and the dimming.
Perhaps I read more into those eyes than was
actually there - but I really don't think so.

the dying dog’s
labored breath
. . . winter’s leaves

His dark brown eyes had grown larger, fathomless,
as deep as a well holding all the mysteries of life
and impending death, eyes at once sad but knowing
he has been greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
Isn't that all any of us could ever hope for?

almost home
after walking my dying dog –
a rock in my shoe

For my beloved dog Little Bud, who died of cancer - gone, but as they
say, not forgotten.


Ann Louise said...

Oh ... beautyful. I just had my own old friend put down because og age... Yes, they are truely missed.

Gillena Cox said...

such a compassionate poem

much love...

Warren said...

Yes, indeed they are sorely missed, aren't they. I still tear up over my friend. He was a small dog but filled a mighty hole in my heart. Thank you for commenting, Ann Louise.

Hi Gillena - Thank you for your reading and comments - you always mean much to me.


Adelaide said...

Sad and beautiful. Anyone who has had a much loved pet knows how you feel, and I do know. I still think of and miss our cat and dog who have been gone for years.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Oh, I know - pets are people and can really garner our love, can't they. And when they die . . .

Thanks - Warren