Monday, June 27, 2011

morning mist

morning mist –
within the swirl of gnats
a tangled angler


autumn lake –
leaves rock in the wake
of a trout's ripples


it amplifies
the dawn



Susannah said...

I really enjoy your writing, these are beautiful. :-)

Warren said...

Thanks, Susannah for the comments, and thanks for stopping by.


Bill said...

"tangled angler" is a nice tongue-tangler. The lake scene is very nice. Your "birdsong" reminds me of one I wrote quite a while ago

autumn twilight
a dog's distant barking
deepens the silence

Different season, different sound; but both touching on on a similar theme.

Gillena Cox said...

my favourite is the birds at dawn, nicely used here "amplifies"

they speak of the daybreak -
those dawn twitterers

much love

Warren said...

Hi Bill - I'd say your haiku is far better than my short one - you have always been a master poet. Thanks for your comments!

Hello Gillena - Thank you so much for stopping by - love your haiku!