Sunday, May 1, 2011

bird lullabies

Early dusk and it's as if
the birds have memorized
lullabies; they've quieted
to delicate refrains
as the summer sun descends,
flame orange and spent,
to its western berth. Birds huddle
deep within the cradling
catalpa trees and murmur
in their soft way to one other,
barely audible to those who
would listen. Perhaps they're
reassuring each other
the night will not be long.


Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

You are on a roll! Your recent haiku posts and now this! Beautiful phrasing and images. Your words put me sitting on my front porch facing west, watching the sky and listening to those birds softly say good-night.

Isn't spring grand?


Ann Louise said...


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Yes, spring is sooooo wonderful! I always have a problem during the winter months, either major blahs or downright depression. This winter I made it through okay, and felt pretty good thanks to poetry and just adopting a better attitude. And then spring comes along and so do blossoms, fragrance, birds, warmth, beauty, all those things we love! Love it! Thanks.

Hi Ann Louise - Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Your art work and poetry are terrific!