Thursday, April 14, 2011

spring offerings

a book reread
. . . yesterday's rain
now today's


scent of spring
between her breasts
. . . lilacs opening


early spring
longing for the chirr
of those damn crickets


Magyar said...

__Warren... glad to see you've begun to post again! My habit of visiting slowed some since February... but, some nice new work is being shown! _m

Warren said...

Hey Magyar - Good to hear from you! Been missing our correspondence (my fault, my muse was on vacation). Thanks for your comments.


Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

I like all three, but especially the 2nd one. It inspired me to write this one.

lilacs in bloom
floating with the fragrance
thoughts of love


Bill said...

These certainly stand up to second readings – and more.

Warren said...

Dear Adelaide - Thank you for your warm remarks, and the wonderful added dimension of your haiku - you have a beautiful way with words and insight!

Hi Bill - Thank you immensely for your very kind words - I appreciate your thoughts!