Friday, April 1, 2011

lavender nights

The wind carries magic
this spring morning,
scent of lilacs, memories
of golden days and
lavender nights with you.
How long ago it's been-
the depth of innocence,
of youthful lust, that strand
of something bright, clear,
sweet coursing through me
with each thought of you.
Closing my eyes you can be
beside me, warm, vibrant,
and then, just as easily, faded,
like the promise of my life.


Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

Glad to see you posting again. Your words are always beautiful. I love the phrase "lavender nights."

Hope the spring sun warms us all.


Warren said...

Thank you, Adelaide - I have always respected your opinions and comments, and with your wonderful poetry always inspiring me I consider you one of my mentors, or standard bearers.


Gillena Cox said...

i so , enjoyed your 'lavender nghts' and the innocence of youthful love;

much love...

Warren said...

Thank you Gillena - I appreciate your time in stopping by and your comments!