Friday, February 4, 2011

A few offerings

morning mist
climbs with the geese
winter pond


in the hollow
of the oak–
hollow of a nest


crinkled leaf
in this wrinkled hand–
brittle wind


an eagle's wing
and the morning sun


Bill said...

Warren, I'd say you've got your mojo. All of these are excellent; "in the hollow" may be my favorite, because it's so rare to find repetition done well in haiku.

Adelaide said...

A lovely set, Warren. The winter has it's value, doesn't it, for it's beauty and the poetry it inspires. However, I am ready for a change from all this beautiful snow to some beautiful melting.


Warren said...

Bill - Thank you very much for your critique - what you say always, always means a lot to me. Yes, I think I managed to get through the roughest part of winter without a crash, and I have been feeling creative - such a glorious feeling!

Hi Adelaide - Yes, winter serves a purpose; if nothing else it makes a person so very glad to see signs of spring. I, too, am ready for lilacs, the scent of peach and cherry blossoms (we planted one of each this past fall). Thanks!


Gillena Cox said...

nice set Warren; wishing you the Joy that comes with Spring...

Warren said...

Hi Gillena - Ah, the joy of spring - a very real experience! Thank you!


Magyar said...

Nice group Warren.
__That which I favor? The morning sun, and wings... becoming one.
No rhyme intended.