Friday, January 14, 2011

mountain shadows

from mountain
shadows . . .
a sun-tipped wing


lowering clouds
. . . a kestrel pirouettes
to its prey


remembering its
path down the window–
night rain


Magyar said...

__Though I've enjoyed these three, so certainly linked, I really liked the -night rain that remembered its path down the night window-
__Hope all seems brighter to you!

Warren said...

Yes, M - That one kind of captures my on again, off again mood. Thanks for commenting, m'' friend.


Bill said...

A very good trio, Warren. I like the delicacy and precision of "pirouettes," and I share Doug's enthusiasm for the third one.

Warren said...

Thank you, Bill - I'm glad you like the use of pirouettes in this instance - I wasn't sure it would work. And thanks for your comments, always!


Adelaide said...

I think you have a winner with night rain. My favorite of the three.

Glad to see your muse has returned.


Frank said...

An evocative trio, Warren. In particular, I like the 2nd poem, the word 'pirouettes' is perfect...

Warren said...

Adelaide, m' dear - Thank you for stopping by - yes, my muse is returning, even here in the midst of Idaho's January - unusual for me. (Although it's been in the mid 40s for several weeks - also unusual) I'm glad you like the haiku, especially "night rain".

Hi Frank - Your thoughts mean a lot to me - thank you very much for commenting. I like that particular haiku a lot - thanks!