Monday, January 24, 2011


Our oldest dog, we have four, spends much of his time at my feet, snoring loudly, snoring like an old man, and I wonder if I snore that much when I sleep. After all, both he and I are about the same age, figuring in dog years. I love him a lot, he's getting a little grouchy now and is proving to be more stubborn. He doesn't like to be bothered when he's intent on sleeping. He's even getting a little more snappy in his advancing age.

Funny how dogs and humans can equate in certain traits, characteristics. Anthropomorphism is the technical term. Each of our four dogs have their own personalities. They don't always act the same, but I love each of them dearly. Back to the oldest dog. He's having a little trouble getting about and is taking some medication for his joints. I'm taking some medication for my joints. Both he and I groan and moan, although I think I tend to be the worse complainer. Maybe I'm the more snappy. I bitch a lot. Anyway, I hope he can live to a ripe old age comfortably, and I hope the same for myself. It will break my heart when he dies.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I can understand very well, I have a dog of my own for a year and a half, he has a year and a half old, and already we have many similarities, I love him, we understand very well, sometimes just with their eyes, when I go into the woods with him, for example, and there is a hole to dig ...

nice post this reveals a lot of sensitivity on your part,
a hug

Warren said...

Thanks for the hug, m' dear - Yep, dogs are so full of wonderful personality and when loved they return the sentimental 10-fold. Thanks!


Bill said...

I've only owned one dog in my life. She showed up on our doorstep one cold winter night. There'll never be another like her, but that's exactly what you're saying about each of your dogs.

Magyar said...

__Once I often wished for Spring, now I simply hope for the next day.

__Yup, I'm more grouchy and stubborn too... a toast!_m

Warren said...

Hi Bill - Yep, never be another like each of them. I'm still mourning in a way the loss of a wonderful little dog, Buddy - he was my dog, always followed me to whatever room I went to, slept between my legs on the recliner, in the curve of my legs in bed. I absolutely loved that dog - we had him for about eight years until he died of cancer a little more than two years ago. I am more a dog person than a person person - just something about dogs.

Hi Mag - I am with you on both comments - and thanks for the toast.