Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love of bayous

There is no other night like a bayou night,
the air pregnant with expectancy and
mystery, mingling scents of wisteria, trumpet
honeysuckle and gumbo mud like some
Dark Ages alchemist seeking an elusive
golden fragrance. It's a night dark despite
the nearly full moon, a night in which
fireflies pulsate like so many flickering
neon bulbs and the cacophony of insects
is propelled toward an unattainable crescendo.

Mammoth cypress trees line the bayous,
letting fall Spanish moss as strands of ghostly
gray-green hair, and the oppression of dark
is waiting just beyond the searching lantern.
At times the wind moans like a sated lover,
at other times it howls wildly, but it's always
present and always vocal to those who
would listen. There could be fear in such nights,
or there can be a love of the mysteries inherent
with the bayous - I choose the love of the bayous.


Gillena Cox said...

i came in and stood before your canvas and stared in awe; what an amazing picture you've painted here
thanks for sharing

much love

Adelaide said...

Magic. You have a way with words and description that is magic. I can see the bayou, hear it, smell it, feel it, all because of your words.


Warren said...

Thank you, Adelaide - you are one person I can count on to drop in and stay long enough to read and comment on my poems. I appreciate you deeply for that.