Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Most excellent chord

It's probably always been there, this
transcendent connection, a strand
to the ethereal, a most excellent
poetic chord smothered by youth
and denied each time it rears its
beautiful head, left to writhe, waiting
the day when age and character
finally fashion the person into a poet.
What use has youth for deeper emotion
other than lust? What use the forming
of feelings into higher expressions,
so often ridiculed by the young?
Comes the day, however, when beauty
and sensitivity prevail and poetry flips
on the switch to enlightenment.


Gillena Cox said...

excellent progressive poem, you know some say 'youth is wasted on the young'; but i prefer your perspective; we must all be young at least once

much love

Warren said...

Gillena - Sometimes I wish I could go back, redo some things, but I'd probably screw things up worse than originally. So perhaps,once is enough. Thank you, m' dear.


Magyar said...

Grand art here Warren!

__When I think back to those days... I, in Metooque, that tree on whose limbs I'd sit and dream... as I looked out across that highland's lake... and wrote such things into my memory.
__So much of what I feel now, I felt then, but now tempered by the years. _m

Warren said...

Hi Magyar - Thanks for your comments - I can always count on you to stop by and offer insight.


Lauren said...

Thank you, Warren, for this wonderful inspiration. Sometimes, aging, we fail to appreciate what you so eloquently remind us of.

Warren said...

And thank you, Lauren, for your kind words - your thoughts and comments mean a lot to me.