Thursday, September 16, 2010

on mating for life

A mourning dove dead in the grass,

its tawny wings clasped rigid, prayer-like

and I realize with surprise the sadness I feel.

Its once darting, discerning eyes are being

swarmed by ants, eyes now shriveled and

as sightless as gauzy windows no longer

capable of seeing the world. I've heard

doves mate for life. Perhaps that's where the

greater part of this sadness lies. I wonder -

am I to be this dove, or is it to be my wife,

the first to die and leave a mourning mate?


Kristin Riggs said...

Thought-provoking and so beautifully crafted. Such a difficult thing to think about, and yet we all do at some point.

Warren said...

Hi Kristin - Yes, we all face it eventually - I often wonder, and haven't reached a conclusion - do I want to die first? I think I do. I can't imagine a life without my wife, Jan. Thanks for commenting, kid.

Magyar said...

Odd, the common happenings that occur, Warren.
__Kathy and I came across a circle of Mourning Dove feathers just Saturday. I think, perhaps, a Hawk may have done the deed.
__This, Warren, your ode to tomorrow, the best to you and Jan, _m

Warren said...

And there's soemthing about mourning doves that I love - not sure what it is - they are beautiful birds, like the idea they mate for life, and I love their cooing.


Gillena Cox said...

soulful and sad; the plight of the dove as well the questions provoked

much love

Warren said...

Thank you very much, Gillena, for your reading and comments - your thoughts always count with me.

Love ya - Warren

LadyArt said...

...we might be planning our lives so perfectly, but the end is hidden behind nebulous gusts of thoughts...

Warren said...

The whims of higher beings, or the whims of strictly nature, whatever - we can't count on anything but death. Bummer, huh? Thanks for commenting, LadyArt - I'm checking out your websites, when I can translate them.


Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

Joe and I just got back from Ireland, a 50th anniversary trip(in advance of the date which is Jan. 28, 2011.) I, too, have had this same worry for some time now. How would I live alone without my soulmate? How would my husband? Neither of us would do very well.

As always, your words penetrate the heart of the matter.


Warren said...

Again, I missed your post here, Adelaide - wsow! A trip to Ireland - I'm jealous. Thanks for reading this one and commenting - you are a gem!