Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bits of Me

It's turned cooler this close to October
and all of the hummingbirds, the Rufous,
the tiny Calliope, even the Black-chinned ones
have chartered flights for warmer climes,
southern getaways as it were - all the way
to Mexico. It's probably my advancing age,
but I sense (or wish) they've gathered up bits
of me like they do nesting material and taken wing,
retracing the route back to where their
hearts began. I envision them musically, like
thousands of precious notes strung out for mile
on end, playing on the breeze as flutes and piccolos
strains of Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty Waltz".
Or could it be a vague wanderlust resurfacing,
the drifter's instinct I apparently inherited from
my father who once hopped trains, a tendency
I abandoned while still a young man after having
been battered around and wounded emotionally
in my carousing and left totally disheartened.
Whatever the source of the longing I'm feeling now,
it's strange how I miss the continual visits by those
diminutive birds as close and very dear friends,
suddenly having disappeared without word.


Magyar said...

My Magyar genes... the wander-lust in me.

__Oh... do I miss those summer friends; I feel some guilt when I -pull back- on the "Hummer's" feeders... to minimise that reliance... and urge them to 'book their flight.'
__Not only the hummers... but all the other migrants as well!
__In these ways... we think alike, Warren!

Warren said...

Hi Magyar - Yes, I think we must be a lot alike. I didn't need to wean the hummers from the sugarpot - they just quit showing up and I assume they've started southward. And Yes, all the other migrants (birds) as well.

Thanks! War

Kelly Marszycki said...

that image of these tiny birds taking bits and pieces of you, like nesting material, back along the routes of the heart's desire -- wonderful!

What is it about wanderlust -- hoboing, as you call it? I think there is a German term for that melancholy sound of a train in the night -- haunting yet tantalizing -- usually feel this when that first brisk wind from the North scuds through!

Warren said...

Ah yes, Kelly - The wanderlust is the same, no matter the language, huh. "Itchy feet" or whatever, the desire to see new and distant places - a very strong impulse, especially among the young. Thank you for your reading of my verse - your opinion means a lot to me.


Gillena Cox said...

Warren having read your recent postings; i sense
this is more than humming birds flitting forward and backwards(literally) but more so about losing friends
"miniscule birds as friends, very dear friends,
suddenly having disappeared without word."

take courage in 'Eternal Life'

much love

Warren said...

Hi Gillena - How I wish you lived close by - we could be best of friends. You have a very good and discerning heart, and are an encourager - traits I heartily admire. I am a Christian but not as strong as I should be - the grayness crowds in occasionally and I succumb to it. I'm fine now - feeling artsy.

Thank you, friend

Adelaide said...

"very dear friends,
suddenly having disappeared without word"

Just read this tonight and feeling the loss of a friend who is in hospice care now. He is not yet gone, but his loss is already felt emotionally. Unlike the birds who will return, we leave this home on earth only once.

As I've written in another post, you always seem to say what's in the thoughts and hearts of us all.


Warren said...

HI Adelaide - I'm sorry to hear about your friend and his illness. I know the feeling of loss, even when a family member or friend is near death - that is a tough pill to swallow.

You always say the nicest things, Adelaide - thank you very much for your comments!


Gillena Cox said...

Dear Warren
What an absolutely nice thing to say; Hugs

much love