Thursday, August 5, 2010

Natural high

Three dogs asleep at my feet,
a fresh jar of sun tea brewing,
a wonderfully cool summer day,
hummingbirds visiting the feeder,
squirrels running through the trees,
white butterflies gyrating in the yard,
the sprinklers tapping their tunes,
my sweet wife humming as well,
God just happens to be on my side,
feeling good, what more to life
could I, should I, ask? Nothing!
Be content, you fool, be content
with this very natural high.


Magyar said...

__Ahhh Warren... these things that others fail to see, or sadly lack that opportunity. Enjoy!
_m speak of dogs

the fridge
her dog pirouettes

Warren said...

HI Magyar - It truly is the small things that make life sweet. Love your haiku - and love dogs.

Thanks pal, Warren

Gillena Cox said...

before buckling
the seat belts
my son
slips me
a watermelon slice

much love

Adelaide said...

There are wonderful moments in every life if only we look, and you, my friend, know how to look.


Warren said...

Hi Gillena and Adelaide - Isn't it great just to feel the joy of living without the crutches of some drug? Or perhaps neither of you has had to go through that battle. It took me a lot of years to realize what I was looking for was already all around me, but to experience it one had to be sober. Thanks both of you- you are specsial ladies.


J.P.Christiansen said...

Knowing what I know about your past,
this poem gives me a natural high
just to see you writing it.

Keep that high going,

Warren said...

Hi JP - Yep, a natural high beats a chemical high anytime, hands down. Thanks, friend.