Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Moon, My Shadow and Me

The moon catches me off-guard at times,
like when I walk out on newly-fallen snow
with that bright ball at my back. The moon can cast
a startling shadow, disparate in its movements,
unconnected to me, heeding its own will as if it
hosts dark thoughts and memories it won't share.
It can try to outpace me, and given the chance it
curves over mounds of snow, disappearing
and reappearing, elongating, foreshortening.
It's as if it wants me to give chase, or at least
try, so we can partake of folly together. Only
when my shadow is on a building, a wall,
perpendicular, erect, will it reconnect and become
a part of me once again, part of those things
of which I dream, my hopes, successes, failures,
sharing this journey which has become my life
and regardless of its resolve, that of my shadow.


Magyar said...

Fine one Warren, shadows intrigue!
__Brings to mind a short story; a young Patuxet chasing his shadow... until he and it... became one.

Warren said...

Hey, thanks for your reading and comments - I'll check out the Patuxet.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Nice reading a Haibun...

Warren said...

Hi Fred - Thank you so much for coming in on this one - I added the haiku at the end as an afterthought - not sure it qualifies for a good haibun or not.


Gillena Cox said...

the shimmy in
tree silhouettes

much love

J.P.Christiansen said...

As I can't get my need satisfied at HP,
I thought I'd come over here to get a fix.

This is a lovely piece, Warren;

meditating under the moon,
one's shadow's company
playing like mind
with one's past.

Warren said...

JP, my friend - Thank you for coming in on this one, thank you for your reading, and thank you for your poetry.


Warren said...

Gillena - Somehow I missed your comment - my apologizies. Thank you, my friend, for your reading and your absolutely gorgeous haiku!


Adelaide said...

I remember the poem Robert Lewis Stevenson's, My Shadow. Remember that one when you were a child?

Lovely images here. The shadows cast by the moon on snow are always mysterious and romantic.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Had to look up "My Shadow" - very close indeed, although mine is better (KIDDING!) Yes, I love a full moon and time to enjoy it. Thanks for commenting!