Friday, August 6, 2010

Light Less Bright

I wonder if her death has been duly noted,
whether the trees in the forests became hushed
and the wind paused for a few respectful minutes,
and the rivers that run wild, grew briefly tamed;
whether anyone noticed light was somehow less bright,
and a star that was out there, flashed and disappeared?
In her honor, did the fragrance of wild flowers flood
the woods and did even the tiniest of creatures pause
in their wanderings, not comprehending the why,
only aware that something good that was there, is gone?

(In honor of Dorothy, 47, my painting partner,
who died Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010,
of liver disease - she is with God)


Dolls from the Attic said...

This is so beautiful and heartfelt. She must have been dearly loved.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best. Dorthy is at peace now and free of all her earthy troubles. You did put a bright spot in her life each time she came and painted with you.But then you've always had a good heart. Faydee

Warren said...

Hi Marta - Thank you for commenting. Dorothy was turning from a sort of rough stone to a gorgeous diamond, and I suppose God had polished her to just the right brilliance before taking her back home. But yes, she was special to those who knew her. Thanks!

Faydee! Thank you dawlin' - Thank you for a very nice compliment - yes, I am honored to have helped her in a small way enjoy what life she had left. You're precious, dawlin' cuz.

Gillena Cox said...

may God's perpetual light shine upon her;

this is such a beautiful poem i feel sure the answer is yes to the questions posed;

my favourite line is "whether anyone noticed light was somehow less bright"

much love

Warren said...

Thank you, Gillena - Your thoughts are like icing on a cake, perfecting. I appreciate you.


Adelaide said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friend.


Bill said...

Duly noted, thanks to you.

Warren said...

HI Bill - Thank you very much for coming in on this one - I was afraid my emotions, my sentamentality, may have taken over in this verse. I just wanted it to honor her - she was just learning how to enjoy her life without depending on chemicals, and she was pleased that God had given her the time He had. She knew she was terminal, but had a good attitude regardless.


Curtis Dunlap said...

I'm speechless, cousin. What a beautiful poem and tribute.

Warren said...

Hey Curt - Just realized you had commented on this - sorry for neglecting a reply. Coming from you, a terrifc poet, I take this as a supreme compliment. Thank you!

Cuz War