Friday, August 27, 2010

The Canker

The parallel between
spring and winter,
the fateful juxtaposition
that reverberates with
"life - death", "born - buried"
is barely noticeable
to the young except
for a kind of private itch
somewhere in the psyche,
and develops to a nagging
public canker the more
advanced in age we become.


Bill said...

if winter comes
can spring be far behind–
well, far enough

Warren said...

As always, Bill, a welcome reading and wonderful haiku - thank you very much for participating with this one.


Magyar said...

Ah... that dystopic canker.
__As the young believe, "the old must be taught;" thus, I am ready to learn.
__Such truth to your post, Warren. _m

Warren said...

Ah, Magyar - The older we get, the more that parallel is looming. The winter of our lives (sounds like a soap opera).


Adelaide said...

If it's a soap opera let's hope it has a long run and the main characters (ourselves) are not written out.

all the best, Warren. As always, a very perceptive poem.


Warren said...

A real long run, eh, Adelaide - as long as we are free from pain as much as possible, and are clear of mind and no burden to others. Then those would be the golden years.

Thanks - Warren