Thursday, July 1, 2010

The way it should go

How appropriate, dare I say
"appropriate" without diminishing
a life, his life, that this is
the way it should go with
the pot of flowers I kept trying
to resuscitate - the brilliant
vermilion blossoms, struggling
against poor earth and little
water, kept trying to show
forth their infinite beauty.
How appropriate is it this day
the flowers finally gave up
and died, their struggle futile,
that my brother too should die.


Bill said...

The mind in motion, well caught.

Gillena Cox said...

the separation of death is always difficult the question it prompts even more quizzical than any other; wishing you peace

the details for CKK15 are at the blog submission deadline is July 10th

much love

Warren said...

Hi Bill - Thank you so much for your kind words - you're a favorite!

Thank you, Gillena - and thanks for the heads-up on the submission deadline.


Adelaide said...

It's strange how, sometimes, there are events in life that some would say are just coincidence, but others would say they are signs of some other force or being.


Warren said...

I like to think that events, and those that seem incidental, are somehow connected and show a force (as you so appropriately call it) at work. Thanks for commenting!