Sunday, July 4, 2010

A goodbye

This will be the last verse concerning my brother - naturally he's been on my mind and I know you realize that. But a final goodbye is in order. Thanks.

We said goodbye to you, brother,
and no one heard our hearts breaking.
All that could be heard was the capricious
wind snaking its way through the
bulrushes along the river and up through
the spray of flowers on your headstone.

What could not be heard was the
catch in our breath as we tried futilely
not to weep in front of each other -
a foolish attempt, for what comes from
the heart at a time like this needs to be
felt and expressed, for it is true and good.


Adelaide said...

You have expressed eliquently what was in your heart and it is "true and good."


Idahostevens said...

You are a good man Charley Brown. One I am blessed to call Brother.

Warren said...

And the same to you, my friend John - a better heart in a man is not to be found. Thanks!

Warren said...

Thanks Adelaide - I just found the email notice that you had commented on this piece. Thanks for your kind words.