Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cell by cell

How unfair this aging process,
this melting down of tissue and
disintegration of bone and sinew,
this deterioration, cell by cell,
and the muddling of the intellect.


Gillena Cox said...

those tree barks
doing it so well

much love

Warren said...

Gorgeous haiku, Gillena - thanks for stopping by.


Bill said...

Copying error. That should read

growing older
the people
I call old

And isn't Gillena's a beauty?

Magyar said...

Cell by cell, I hear them strike the floor; I grab the broom to sweep them out; but forget to open the door.

Growing old, beats the dickens out of... not having those days to count. _m

Adelaide said...

how fast the time
how slow the body


J.P.Christiansen said...


but you are an artist of nature,
and nature doesn't ask fairness questions.

It, and animals, just accepts.

How to make mind just another aspect of nature?

Warren said...

Hi Bill - Yep, Gillena's got the gift, but so do you! Your haiku are always alive and beautiful. Thanks!

Funny, Magyar! and yes, I'd rather have cells fading away than not having the life I have right now. Thanks, friend!

JP - So good to see you, my friend - You always hit it on the target - so prophetic, always.

Thanks all - Warren