Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Dream

I would hope to die, soon,
should I grow too old to dream,
to believe in something,
anything, to feel the red-hot surge
of ambition and love's pulsing



Bill said...

I'd repeat the "to" where you have inserted "or." Anyway, that would give this a more relentless drive, if that's what you want..

Warren said...

Thanks Bill - I agree with you, and have made the change. Thanks!


Gillena Cox said...

life is the stuff that dreams are made of; else why is there the hankering, that dreams may come true

much love

Warren said...

Pure insight, thanks for your thoughts, Gillena! You are appreciated.


J.P.Christiansen said...

There are two parallel narratives
to an artist-person's existence,
who, by will, embrace life's dance.

One lives in the objective, of world,
the other 'lives' in the subjective, of vision,
who, by will, turn darkness into light.

One may be bound by polio and wheelchair,
while the other transcends such limitations
to dream and express, on wings.

Unto canvas is brought vision, by color,
unto paper is brought vision, by word,
for us to partake in life's preciousness.