Friday, June 25, 2010

Perception of Life

Today has been a strange day, overcast, the air heavy with unexpected humidity (unexpected for Idaho) and the fragrance of neighborhood flowers fairly lingered with the lack of wind - I think my brother's death has made my perception of life around me much sharper. I'm glad to be alive and feeling things - I'm thankful I have a wonderful wife I love and who loves me - a far cry from several years ago when I was deep into my various chemical addictions and cared for nothing but that chemical escape. The bottle, the pill, the snort - whatever. I believe in God, and I've come to realize that God gave me this life, this opportunity to sense all the beauty around me that He created. I don't want to waste anymore years. I guess that's poetry material.


The tear of a brother
who is slipping into, out of
confusion, oblivion,

A tear of recognition,
of reassurance.
How to weigh
this tear?
How do I
preserve it?
What value
this tear?



Bill said...

Bless you, Warren. This is very touching.

Warren said...

Thanks Bill - Your thoughts mean so much to me - you're a terrific person.


Adelaide said...

I left a comment on your earlier post, but I'm not sure it took. I'm sure your faith and the good memories of your brother will get you through this difficult time. You are in my prayers.

Lauren said...

wise words.......thank you for reminding me. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your brother; the previous post was very moving.

Warren said...

Thank you Adelaide and Lauren - Your thoughts and your comments are deeply appreciated.