Saturday, June 26, 2010

For folks who know

Just before waking this morning
I was dreaming I could still walk with
a cane - I found myself walking in this
very shallow stream, wading nicely
as it were, with just the cane - lift one
leg and then the other, no longer tripping
and falling. No need for the walker,
no need for the wheelchair, just the
single cane and I was free again. Mom, who
died about six years ago, was in my dream
and I was showing her and my wife how
I could suddenly wade in the stream
with just the cane. It felt so good. Then
I awoke and after taking a few minutes
to clear my head, struggled to my feet and
with the aid of the walker, dragging the
bad leg along, I made my way into the
kitchen and brewed some really strong
coffee. If I was going to have to be awake
I may as well be damned wide awake.


Gillena Cox said...

to dreams;
to be freed from contraints
of this dimension
to awaken
to challenge life
to be a reality free of
its contraints

Wishing you all the comfort of love a new day brings

much love

Warren said...

Thank you, Gillena - You are a special, very talented person and your thoughts and comments are valued by me.


Magyar said...

__Another oddity, Warren. I fashion walking sticks from dead falls. Nothing grand, I simply enhance the pattern or the wood but for the grip, and tag-line.
__I love your presentation of this dream... 'buoyancy and balance' an inarguable bloc.

Warren said...

You always have a special reading and I love your interpretations - thank you!