Monday, May 31, 2010

same wind

Down from the icy Sawtooth crags
and through the winter-laden landscape,
the cold wind eventually dips to the
creek we loved so well as children.
Continuing on, it threads through the
hollows above the creek, sculpted even
today by stooped cottonwood trees.

Twisting above granite outcroppings
and lava boulders, the wind courses
the giant arteries of this canyon,
passing among quaking aspen, river willow,
and snarled cottonwood, shorn by now
of every dryly-veined leaf.

At ancient volcanic escarpments the
wind bears south, scraping hard along
canyon walls. Upward it moves, out of
the canyon, slowing and sallying about
the hillocks, the gullies, and the poplars
until it finally comes to stir ever more
gently, warmer even, my dear friend,
around your gray marbled headstone.

Primeval of days, this very same wind
blows for eternity upon eternity, polishing
and purifying even the roughest of
the earth's elements and impediments.
This said, at this hill's crest where you rest,
there is no need of further refinement. Feel
how the northern wind quiets for you,
as if it knows over whose stone it passes.


Bill said...

hill's crest
passing over a headstone
the north wind

There's much more to yours than this, of course, but I can't help hunting down haiku.

Warren said...

That's terrific, Bill - I guess I need to start looking for haiku in the free verse!

Thanks, friend

Anonymous said...

This is awsome!! You have truly been blessed with a wonderful talent and I so much enjoy reading what you write. Love you, Fay

Warren said...

Thanks Fay - I appreciate your reading and your time. It means a lot to me.


Warren said...

P.S. - I love you too, Fay!

Adelaide said...

Very descriptive, Warren. I feel that you have walked every inch of this landscape.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Yes, it's Rock Creek Canyon and I was raised next to it, consider the best part of my childhood spent in the canyon. Fishing, rock climbing, gold panning, hiking - they were wonderful years and I do know just about every part of the canyon and the creek. Thanks for discerning that.