Saturday, May 15, 2010

nature's rebirthing


God, it's so good to be alive!

Jan and I went hunting yard sales this morning (glorious, sun-drenched Saturday morn) and it was like getting a huge vitamin shot, or some kind of natural upper - flowers and fruit trees abloom, the air filled with the intoxicating scents only nature can provide. A deep sapphire sky our open country is famous for, with only a few wisps of cotton clouds - no rain, no snow, no cold - meadowlarks and chickadees providing the background music, and the sun warming our backs as we scourged the yard sales for whatever treasures we might find. After months of semi-depression and lack of creativity, I once again realize I'm alive - and it feels so good!

I hope all of you are experiencing the rebirth that spring seems to always bring - if not, walk out into the sunshine, take a deep breath of spring air, listen to spring's wonderful sounds, and if you're still not rejuvenated, take some Prozac.

Your friend, Warren


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