Friday, May 21, 2010

morning mist

morning mist
lifts from the forest
. . . a haiku rolls in


rainy night . . .
a loon on the lake
echoes my mood


dawn colors . . .
a chittering of sparrows
from the lilacs


parting gesture–
a windblown petal
kisses my cheek


Bill said...

" a haiku rolls in>" That's how most of the best ones arrive.

Warren said...

There's much truth to that, isn't there, Bill. Thanks for commenting!


Adelaide said...

I, too, think ...a haikku rolls in... a terrific line. It is always surprising to me how some haiku come rolling in so fast I can't get it down quickly enough before I forget the sequence of words.

Well done, Warren.


Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Funny thing about those haiku inspirations. I was pulling weeds on our property near a busy street this morning and I suddenly realized that, above the roar of the traffic, I could hear the song of a single bird. I focused on the bird and was able to exclude all other sounds. A haiku was the result, but I have to hold it back to see if I can get it published.

Thanks - Warren