Tuesday, May 18, 2010

final shovel

flight of a lark . . .
the final shovel of dirt
on my friend's grave


walk in the rain . . .
why is it she's still young
and I'm older?


farm auction -
the gravel falls
on his dreams


Bill said...

I was thinking

farm auction–
the gavel falls
on his dream

but who "he" is may not be clear enough.

Warren said...

Hi Bill - Your suggestion gives the haiku the punch it was lacking before, so I've adopted the revision. Thank you! I tend to feel readers will know the "he" is the farmer from the "farm auction" - hope so, anyway.

Thanks again - Warren

Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

I knew right away the "he" is the farmer whose farm is auctioned. Up here, there are many abandoned farms, the buildings just rotting away. It's sad to see them. I've been taking pictures, hoping to do something with them for photo haiga eventually.


Warren said...

Abandoned farms are so sad and speak to something systematically wrong in our society/economy. The family farm fed this country for nearly all of its existence, and should not be winding up on the auctioneer's block so easily. I look forward to seeing your haiga. Thanks Adelaide!