Friday, April 2, 2010

thriving again

Good grief! I usually get the "blues" during the latter part of winter, but this year was intense and I had absolutely no indication of a muse, no creative juices prompting me to paint, just a general malaise that kept me from opening the computer for a week at a time, and I barely cracked the door to the studio for the past two-three months.

BUT! The juices are beginning to flow again - as they usually do at the hint of spring - and I'm beginning to feel color and see color, so I'm going to get back in front of the easel and see what transpires. As for poetry, give me a week and I'll see what I come up with. Man, if feels good to thrive again.

Thanks, friends!


Bill said...

alone in my room
with love on my mind

Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

Glad you have emerged from your cocoon, and like a butterfly, may you soar again.