Friday, April 2, 2010

a few haiku

spring gardener . . .

a mud smear beneath

her mascara smear
first robin

. . . the child beneath

this grizzled beard


Bill said...

Two good ones, Warren.

Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

I especially like the robin haiku. Spring has that effect on me, too. I think I can do so much...but, oh,... age tells.


Frank Williams said...

Two very nice haiku, Warren...

Magyar said...

__Im glad your winter blues have thawed, and here, a good groop the shows the >blahs< have been overcome! _m

Adelaide said...

I posted a comment on the robin haibu before, but it didn't register. Guess I did something wrong. I hope the child within us never leaves. I often feel the child within under the white hair and age(smile) lines. If we didn't recognize and appreciate this there would never be a robin.