Monday, February 8, 2010

water's edge

water’s edge
. . . briefly, the tracks
of a sandpiper


a snow goose
cups its wings to land—
curve of the shore


Frank Williams said...

Two very nice haiku...

Bill said...

Time in "water's edge" is a bit slippery: like the tide, I guess. The moment has to be over before you can know it's brief. I like this very much.

And the forms suggested in "a snow goose" combine most elegantly.

Warren said...

Thanks Frank and Bill - Coming from the two of you, these are high compliments! Make my day!


Adelaide said...

A complimentary pairing. Water's edge in the 1st and curve of the shore in the 2nd. The dainty movements of the sandpiper and the ungainly movements of the goose. Great haiku, Warren.


Warren said...

Thanks Adelaide - I appreciate your comments!